Quicklly offers consumers everything they need to enjoy South Asian and Indian cuisine all from a single place. As the nation’s most comprehensive, one-stop marketplace, Quicklly provides access to a range of Indian grocery ingredients, tiffins, catering, Indian meal kits, and fully prepared Indian meals delivered to your doorstep.

For South Asian and Indian markets, restaurants, and caterers they help them with the technological resources they need to compete against the larger players by building their digital storefronts, expanding their consumer base and scaling their digital capabilities with a significantly lower fee structure.

Soiltech was founded to help farmers improve crop production by providing real-time insights through wireless monitoring.

A solution built by working hand-in-hand with growers, agriculture scientists, and industry researchers to make sure it’s addressing real pain points, as well as being simple-to-use, affordable and high-value for all farmers. Soiltech evolved into a multifunctional device with features that provided value across an entire crop production cycle (growth, harvest, transport, storage).

Originally conceived on potato farms in Idaho, Soiltech’s solution is now used across a wide variety of crops around the world. From its unique wireless sensor design that travels with a crop from soil to storage, to its expansive cloud platform and services for turning data into actionable insights, Soiltech and its clients continue to uncover new use cases and value creation almost daily.

Backhouse Brands helps restaurants create and manage virtual restaurant brands within their existing commercial kitchens. Restaurant operators use our self-serve web portal to setup new online-only brands and incorporate them into their kitchen using our dedicated companion tablet app.

Omnia Fishing was born from the premise that anglers rely on data about the changing, complex relationships between water body details, fish species, fishing styles, and season.

Omnia knows that the way we buy our tackle and gear is so intricately connected to our fishing preferences and location, and is the first company to digitize the in-store experience by building a personalized online tackle shopping experience that provides tackle recommendations for each lake at that specific time of year.

Additionally, thousands of fishing reports have been filed by customers to indicate what products have been working in real-time.  The result is a constantly improving, lake specific recommended for tackle and techniques.

Micruity is on a mission to pensionize 401(k) plans, so everyone can have access to a secure retirement. In the United States, over $2 trillion of 401(k) assets are held by employees who will retire in the next 10 years.

Micruity partners with life insurers and fund managers to transform the way employees save for retirement. As an unbiased, central clearinghouse, it provides the real-time and secure data exchanges needed by plan sponsors and recordkeepers. By partnering with life insurers and fund managers, Micruity makes dependable retirement income a key component of employer 401(k) plans.

Yardstik is a technology company on a mission to build trust and safety in the internet economy. Their human security platform offers modular packages of screening, verification, and training solutions to help marketplaces and platforms more easily hire, onboard, and manage safer workforces.

By building safety and accountability into the experience, Yardstik helps clients create strong businesses, trusting relationships, and safer communities for everyone.



NextGem is the leading tool for digitizing, sharing & discovering trading cards. An all-in-one app, you can manage your trading card collection, find that rare “gem” card that you’ve been trying to track down, and connect with owners instantly.

NextGem’s mission is to foster, develop and bring together the world’s most passionate trading card community, by reimagining the way people collect and discover trading cards through innovative social technologies. Users can connect instantly with community members, share card images across Instagram, eBay, and more, and leverage knowledge from experts to become a more savvy card investor.

Mustard is an interactive video-based food discovery and ordering app from your favorite restaurants. It makes menus come to life, and changes how you discover dishes.

It is the first and only platform that displays an individual dish, its price, and a link to order in each video.

Skillit is a skill-based jobs and recruitment platform for carpenters. Skillit tests skills and knowledge to allow job seekers to show off their abilities. For construction companies, Skillit provides a bigger, higher-quality pipeline and streamlines the hiring process.

Coverlease empowers the entire commercial real estate industry with real data. We create software that helps you collect your own data, discover market-wide insights and empower your decision-making. All your data in one place.
Simplify, streamline and improve everything your team does with lease and other CRE data so you can understand key insights about your properties, and the markets they’re in, so you can make better business decisions and strengthen financial returns.

Quicklly logo

Quicklly offers consumers a one-stop marketplace for South Asian & Indian cuisines. This is accomplished by helping the businesses who serve them (markets, caterers, restaurants, etc.) with technology solutions.

soiltech wireless logo

Soiltech offers a multifunctional device, for real-time insights from wireless monitoring, with features that provide value across the entire crop production cycle.

backhouse brands logo

Backhouse Brands is a self-serve marketplace for creating and managing virtual restaurant brands.

omnia fishing logo

Omnia Fishing is the first e-commerce store that allows anglers to find, buy, and organize their fishing gear based on the bodies of water they fish with a “shop-by-lake”​ concept.

micruity logo

Micruity is on a mission to pensionize 401(k) plans, so everyone can have access to a secure retirement.

yardstik logo

Yardstik makes it easier for gig marketplaces and SaaS platforms to screen, verify, and train their workforces.

nextgem logo

The leading tool for digitizing, sharing & discovering trading cards.

mustard logo

Mustard lets you find food via video content, and order or book directly from the video.

skillit logo

Skillit matches skills-tested carpenters with great construction firms.

CoverLease logo

Coverlease empowers the entire commercial real estate industry with real data, helping you collect your own data, discover market-wide insights and empower your decision-making.


SiteKick is a construction site monitoring and reporting software platform intended to effortlessly monitor and report on critical construction site activities.


Flywheel is a data management platform for medical research and collaboration.


EmpowerU engages struggling students in their wellness journey through social-emotional learning lessons and coaching support.


iraLogix is an advanced, institutional IRA record-keeping and trading technology offering web-based institutional IRA record-keeping services.


Allergy Amulet is a fast & portable food allergen & ingredient sensor that allows people with food allergies to eat without fear.


PartySlate is a photo-rich platform that inspires people planning events and connects them with the leading event professionals and venues across the country.


NoiseAware is a “smoke alarm” for noise, providing real-time noise monitoring for owners and managers of short-term rentals and protection from improper guest activity.

Clinician Nexus EXIT logo

Clinician Nexus provides clinical rotation management from start to finish for health systems, schools, and students with a transparent, people-centered platform.


Inhabitr is a furniture rental platform for affordable designer furniture, including complete room sets, with delivery and assembly included.


Branch is a mobile-first technology that helps hourly workers get ahead financially. The application allows users to budget, take paycheck advances, and earn more income by picking up available shifts.


Parallax is a platform that simplifies lead planning and provides real-time answers to the most important questions, allowing businesses to succeed while crafting their vision for tomorrow.

PrintWithMe logo

PrintWithMe is a mobile-first kiosk printing solution for coffee shops, residential buildings, co-working spaces and more.

ZenLord Pro logo

Full service management software for landlords nationwide. One Login. One Solution.

2ndKitchen is a hyperlocal, food ordering fulfillment platform that enables businesses anywhere to serve food seamlessly using a custom menu from nearby restaurants .

Glowe Logo

Glowe is a social wearable wristband that syncs with your social media accounts, and displays customizable notifications on an LED screen.


Pitchly is a web-based content service platform for M&A professionals to organize and activate their client experience.

FactoryFix logo

FactoryFix is a labor marketplace for manufacturing businesses to find skilled talent to run their business.


Team Genius is a player evaluation software that allows youth sports organizations to customize tryouts and focus on key selection criteria of their emphasis.

ZapInfo helps recruiters automate recruiting with Indeed recruiting solutions and their talent applications.

Dispatch Logo

Dispatch is an easy to use mobile application that lets you create an order using a designated pickup and delivery location.

Structural Logo

Structural is an Employee Success Platform that was built on the vision of nurturing employee connections within any organization.