Omnia Fishing

Omnia Fishing was born from the premise that anglers rely on data about the changing, complex relationships between water body details, fish species, fishing styles, and season.

Omnia knows that the way we buy our tackle and gear is so intricately connected to our fishing preferences and location, and is the first company to digitize the in-store experience by building a personalized online tackle shopping experience that provides tackle recommendations for each lake at that specific time of year.

Additionally, thousands of fishing reports have been filed by customers to indicate what products have been working in real-time.  The result is a constantly improving, lake specific recommended for tackle and techniques.

Omnia Fishing is the first e-commerce store that allows anglers to find, buy, and organize their fishing gear based on the bodies of water they fish with a “shop-by-lake”​ concept.


Matt Johnson

CEO and Co-Founder

Dan Wick

CTO & Co-Founder