ZapInfo is a recruiting productivity tool that helps recruiters to automate how they recruit with Indeed recruiting solutions and their talent applications.

ZapInfo makes it easy to move candidate data from indeed to ATS or CRM applications.

ZapInfo helps recruiters automate recruiting with Indeed recruiting solutions and their talent applications.


Doug Berg

CEO & Founder

A startup guru with multiple companies raising/selling/achieving $100+ million dollar valuations. Able to launch new ideas from concept through scaling any business to its maximum potential using a mixture of technology, marketing, selling, and evangelism abilities. Previously was founder and Chief Recruiting Geek of Minneapolis-based Jobs2Web which sold to SuccessFactors/SAP for $110 million in 2012. Jobs2web created a new category of interactive marketing within the recruiting vertical, and made the Inc 500 list 3 years in a row during the recession period. Prior to Jobs2Web, Doug founded which was a leading technology career site which had nearly 1 million IT professional members nationally, and won PC Weeks #1 career website in 1999. raised over $100MM in venture financing and hired over 600 employees in 36 short months along with opening in 38 markets in the US.