2nd Kitchen

2ndKitchen brings food to establishments that don’t have kitchens. Hotels, bars, breweries, co-working spaces, offices, hospitals and others offer menus, and 2ndKitchen does the rest, including payment processing, fulfillment, and delivery- all at no cost to the establishment.
For restaurants, 2ndKitchen essentially turns neighboring businesses into additional seating. Using tablets or a POS integration, restaurants increase food orders and expand their reach.
Businesses get the benefit of adding food availability to their offering to enhance the customer experience. Businesses get to offer a menu tailored from local restaurants, without having to worry about fulfillment, payment, or support, let alone building and operating a kitchen.

2ndKitchen is a hyperlocal, food ordering fulfillment platform that enables businesses anywhere to serve food seamlessly using a custom menu from nearby restaurants .


Nick Anastasiades


Before 2ndKitchen, Nick was the founder and Creative Director of LLOBE Design, a digital agency in San Francisco. He also has experience in management consulting with Deloitte, marketing and operations with Microsoft, and venture capital with OCA Ventures.

Jonathan Elron


Jonathan has previous startup experience as well as experience with consulting in private equity and technology. Before completing Techstars in 2018 with 2ndKitchen, Jonathan was the Director of Corporate Development at EFI, a San Francisco-base software company, where he led end-to-end M&A and strategy.