Parallax is a workforce planning solution using predictive analytics to deliver a shared perspective around resource supply and demand for professional service organizations. Through project planning and pricing, smarter forecasting and collaborative tools, Parallax helps modern consultancies align the ambition of their business with the ambitions of their people.

Parallax is a platform that simplifies lead planning and provides real-time answers to the most important questions, allowing businesses to succeed while crafting their vision for tomorrow.


Tom O'Neill


Tom was previously the CEO of The Nerdery, a digital consultancy providing custom software development. During Tom’s tenure, he grew The Nerdery from 50 to 500 Nerds with offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City and Phoenix. Tom has a passion for helping consultancies grown profitably while building strong cultures and teams.

David Annis


Dave was most recently a Partner and Managing Director at Zeus Jones, a business strategy and brand design firm located in Minneapolis that has worked with numerous Fortune 100 brands. As Managing Director, Dave was responsible for overall agency operations and shares Tom’s passion for improving agency operations in support of cultural development and individual growth.