Omnia Fishing closes $4M round, joins Great North portfolio!

  • Great North Ventures

    Mar 17 2022

Omnia Fishing announcement

Omnia Fishing, a new Great North investment, has raised a $4M round! Omnia is the fastest-growing online store in the fishing tackle industry. Omnia’s sales grew 400% in 2021 and are currently on a similar pace this year.

Omnia Fishing is the first e-commerce store that allows anglers to find, buy, and organize their fishing gear based on the bodies of water they fish with a “shop-by-lake”​ concept. Its user-generated content strategy, in the form of real-time fishing reports, is proving valuable to fisherman who can make tackle decisions based on real-time data and catch more fish.

“We’re seeing such tremendous growth in both sales, users, and user generated content in the form of fishing reports,” said Omnia CEO and Co-Founder Matt Johnson. “Consumers are purchasing and indicating what gear worked on the lakes they fished in order to help other anglers purchase the right tackle with confidence. These fishing report authors receive free tackle credits when they help someone shop for tackle. The rate of submission and conversion is exceeding our expectations.” 

Read the full release from Omnia for more details.